Satisfied clients are the source of our success. Do you want to talk to some satisfied clients? Jan Willem Hens will put you in contact with them.

Some quotes from clients:


Renter of a house:

“Dear Jan, we would like to wish you a happy Easter and thank you for taking so much care with the house issues”.

Owner of an apartment in an Association of Owners

My door-handle broke a few weeks ago. It was a special door-handle. Special as in: nowhere to be found.

Especially annoying, since the door would no longer close so I could also no longer lock it.

Then I called Jan Willem Hens from Parel Beheer. The same day he came around with a locksmith. Solved in no time. Apart from the problem being sorted out very quickly and professionally, it was also in the middle of the Whitsun weekend that Jan Willem rushed to my assistance.

I call that very special service, which I appreciate very much.

Jan Willem, I can therefore recommend Parel Beheer to any AO!