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Parel Beheer is the small scale association of owners administrator of Amsterdam and surroundings.
Your association of owners (VvE) is in good hands with us. You can count on that.


The five certainties of Parel Beheer


We know all our clients personally

At our company you are not just a client number behind a login code, but you will receive all the personal attention you need.



We stick to our agreements

A deal is always a deal. Do we agree that the plumber is at your house tomorrow at 10 am?  Then the plumber will be there at 10 o’clock.


We are always transparent

You don’t have to think about hidden costs and/or surprises afterwards. We work with fixed costs only.



We are always reachable for calamities

We are 24/7 reachable by phone. Also, we are there for you on sun- and holidays and weekends.



Your wishes come first

At Parel Beheer everyone is unique.


Administrative management

A good and crucial administration is of crucial value for managing an association of owners. Your administration is with us in good hands.

Administrative management ›

Financial management

No financial surprises anymore. The financial administration of your association of owners in good hands with us.

Financial management ›

Technical management

For the technical management of your Ao, we have the right specialists for all your maintenance.

Technical management ›

Multi-year maintenance plan

We arrange the making and compliance of the multi-year management plan of your association of owners.

Multi-year management plan ›

Setting up an association of owners

Do you have the ambition to set up an associations of owners?

Setting up an association of owners ›

House regulation

A house regulation is an important document for every association of owners. Parel Beheer can help you with this.

House regulation ›

Administrative Ao management

One of the services Parel Beheer offers is administrative management. Together with financial management forms administrative management the foundation of your association of owners. Our administrative management consists of all tasks in order to execute a well designed and actual administration of your association of owners.

Tasks that belong to the administrative management are the following:

  • organizing the yearly annual member meeting (at least once per year)
  • making notes during the meetings
  • being present at board meetings
  • giving free advice
  • a party that supervises the compliance of decisions, regulations and documents
  • the archiving of all documents of the association of owners according to the statutory retention period
  • taking care of the membership administration
  • drawing up and distributing internal regulations
  • passing on relevant information to the civil-law notary upon transfer of ownership

Financial Ao management

Where administrative management is more about member contributions and payments, financial management is more about the documentation of it. This is very important, as it showcases the financial situation of your association of owners. 

With financial management, we execute numerous tasks to give you a clear overview about the financial health of your association of owners. When you give your financial management to Parel Beheer, it will be in good hands. 

The tasks that are connected to financial management are:

  • setting up the annual budget
  • setting up the annual accounts
  • setting up the cashflow budget
  • if desired: setting up the multi-year maintenance plan
  • calculating the contributions from the apartment rights
  • the debtor management, if members don’t pay on time
  • providing overviews of advance and final contribution
  • supervising the audit committee to audit the annual accounts

Technical Ao management

Technical management is crucial for every association of owners. It keeps itself busy with the short- and long term maintenance of houses and buildings within the association of owners. Parel Beheer will execute full coordination for necessary maintenance, and is 24/7 reachable in case of calamities. Also, Parel Beheer has their own handyman service in case of small tasks or small maintenance.

Besides that it is possible to get a sustainable multi-year maintenance plan. With this multi-year maintenance plan, you aim to make your home in the long term more sustainable. This will benefit the energy label and the score of your house.

The tasks that Parel Beheer executes for a good quality technical management are: 

  • 24/7 services in emergencies
  • requesting multiple quotes for maintenance, judging quotes and advising the association of owners about quotes.
  • keeping up maintenance with public rooms
  • our own handyman for small jobs
  • setting up a multi-year maintenance plan
  • coordinating of the tasks of maintenance, inclusive taking care of the delivery inspection

Multi-year maintenance plan

The value retention of your house and/or property is very important. That’s why it is important to have a decent maintenance plan, as it has a big influence on the value of your house. Regular maintenance of your house has a great impact on the value and marketability of your house. With the help of a multi-year maintenance plan, the manager of the association of owners can carry out targeted maintenance. Moreover, without a multi-year maintenance plan it is harder to get a mortgage. That’s why it is important to have a multi-year maintenance plan. Parel Beheer can help you with this. 

With a multi-year maintenance plan, you get a concrete insight into future maintenance costs of your association of owners, but also the tied financial obligations. It is also possible to get a sustainable multi-year maintenance plan in order to improve the sustainability of your house, building or property.

Setting up an association of owners

Why would you set up an association of owners? Did you know that when an association of owners follows all legal obligations, it can have a positive influence on the value of your house, property or building? That could make things interesting!

However, setting up an association of owners has some obligations. An association of owners must be signed up at the ‘Kamer van Koophandel’, it needs to have a board, and money reserves for maintenance and more. Also, you need to think about what height the monthly contributions are for a cost-effective budget, or what the right voting proportions are. 

If you find this all a hassle, Parel Beheer can help you with setting up an association of owners. We will for example help you with to sign up correctly at the KvK, open a bank account and we will hold the first (founding)meeting.

Once your Ao is up and running, we could even help you with financial-, administrative-, or technical management. 

House regulation

The house regulation are a very important document for every association of owners. In this document, the association of owners sets rules and agreements that are for use in public rooms. It’s an addition to the deed of vision, and the agreements in the house regulation cannot be in contrary with the deed of vision, and more than half of the members must agree with the rules. When the members agree on the rules, then members can be held accountable when they disobey the rules. 

Parel Beheer would like to help you with setting up house regulation, and making sure that residents comply with the house regulation.

House regulation can contain rules such as: 

  • don’t play loud music after 23:00
  • don’t place bikes in public spaces
  • don’t do maintenance on Sundays, or only after 11:00 am

But other rules can also be included such as:

  • the floor insulation must have a certain value to prevent nuisance
  • no objects may be attached to the outer walls
  • sun protection is allowed, but that it must have a certain color

Commercial property management

With commercial property management, we take care of good renters and stable incomes. Also maintenance is included

Commercial property management ›

Administrative property management

We take care of all administrative obligations related to your property and bookkeeping.

Administrative property management ›

Technical property management

We take all maintenance requests from your renters from you, so that the renters are happy and you as the owner don’t have to look after it

Technical property management ›

Commercial property management

Rental mediation, so you don’t have to look back at it.

Commercial property management is an essential part of property management, because it brings trustworthy renters and a constant flow of rental income. That’s why people invest in property.

At Parel Beheer you can expect the following services:

  • advice about the right rental price
  • advice about the type of rental agreement that fits you the best
  • offering your residence to potential renters
  • execute viewings to interested renters
  • propose candidate-renters
  • controlling the trustworthiness of renters
  • setting up rental agreements
  • checking in and out of old/new renters

Administrative property management

No more worrying about your accounting

The next cases are under our standard services:

  • we take care of collecting the rent for you
  • we pay the Ao-contributions for you (if applicable)
  • we pay the advance for utilities and pass this on to renters
  • we administer all other financial obligations en we take care of the execution

When we execute the administrative property management for you, then you don’t have to do it yourself. Moreover, it prevents annoying discussions with the taxman whether your incomes are in box 1 or 3.

Technical property management

Good maintenance ensures satisfied renters and a higher value.

When you want to rent your house, then you want a satisfied renter, because a satisfied renter rents longer. That’s why technical property management is an important part of property management. 

With technical property management, you can think of:

  • accepting maintenance requests of your renters
  • determining whether the maintenance request is the responsibility of the association of owners, or of the property owner
  • quality control on executed tasks

Depending on the rental contract, maintenance requests don’t always have to be architectural. Maintenance requests could also be a clogged drain pipe, but also if the wasmachine isn’t working properly.

Also, we take care of planned maintenance. You have to think of regular maintenance of a boiler, but also the presence of extinguishers, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. As a property owner you have to make sure that the living area is safe, because the owner has an enhanced duty of care. 

Energy label

It’s nowadays really important to have an energy label for your home. An energy label tells you how sustainable your house is, and which steps you need to take to make your house more sustainable. It has a lot of impact on the scoring of your home, as this determines the rental price. Also, it is mandatory to have a recent energy label when you sell or rent your house. Besides that, renters and buyers look very critically at your energy label, as a house with a lower energy label has also higher energy costs. 

At Parel Beheer you can get an official energy label. We work together with a certified specialist that gives you a reliable energy label, with advice to make your home more sustainable

Scoring rental house

From 2024 onwards, the owners have to apply a point system, as is already usual for social rental houses. The score will indicate the renting price of your house. That’s why it is important to get a reliable score of your house. 

At Parel Beheer, we can help you with this. We work together with a certified specialist who will audit your house. You will receive a report of your score, which includes a detailed explanation of your score, and quick wins, which are tiny improvements for your score. 

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