Letting Service

Many private owners have one or more properties. These properties are often let, for example by way of investment, or because the owners are temporarily living abroad. However, letting can also involve problems: does your lessee pay on time? What do you do about the necessary repairs to the property? But also formalities about the lease transfer, for example if one lessee leaves the property and another moves in. Parel Beheer takes these worries out of your hands with its letting service. All you have to do then is enjoy your rental income!

Parel Beheer offers you the following services:

  • Making your property ready for letting;
  • Assessing whether a property is classified in the liberalized segment by means of a score and determining the energy label;
  • Settling formalities, such as the drafting and signing of the hire contract, and collecting the first month’s rent and the deposit, and the transfer of the energy bill in the name of the new occupant;
  • Extensive check-in / check-out of departing and new lessees;
  • 7 * 24 hour professional service in urgent situations and maintenance of the property.