AO Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service AO

Cleaning Service AO. Rubbish, rubbish and belongings of residents in the common area is a source of annoyance. This creates conflicts within an association of owners. Because Parel VvE Beheer Amsterdam has a lot of experience with this, they also offer a solution for this. After all, a clean (stairwell) prevents a lot of annoyance. That is why we offer our services under the name of Parel VvE Cleaning. On the one hand, we do this to keep things clean. On the other hand, we immediately do small jobs. For example, replace a broken lamp. But also repair the door lock. And of course fasten the carpet if necessary. So our cleaning service is more than cleaning!

What does Parel Beheer do

We offer the following cleaning services:

  • Vacuuming the stairwell. Whether carpet, marble or tarpaulin. Everything will be clean.
  • Mop common areas. Afterwards everything smells nice and fresh.
  • Turnip flaps inside. As far as we can reach it.
  • Ensure that the common areas are free of residents’ personal belongings.

Cleaning AO is more than that. Such as enforcement action if House Rules are present. Then we are the “eyes and ears” of the AO. And of course also from the AO Board. At Parel Beheer everything is in safe hands.


What is also important

Do you want a reliable partner for cleaning the AO? We are already a partner for the AO. No strangers will visit you. But employees of Parel Beheer. Punctual, reliable and as agreed. Because we combine cleaning with management of your Homeowners Association, we can offer the services inexpensively. We promise: not satisfied, money back. That is an important starting point for us. If possible, we combine our cleaning service with minor maintenance. This is very useful and creates  less inconvenience for owners and residents. Interested in our cleaning services? Please contact us via the contact form.

Fixed price

We use a fixed price for cleaning the General Areas. We can clean the stairwell from as little as € 25. Whether you want it every week, every month or every quarter. We provide tailor-made cleaning. We adhere to the general hygiene rules. Especially since the Corona measures of the RIVM, this has become increasingly important. Cleaning the HOA not only ensures a nice and clean stairwell. But also increases living enjoyment. We offer our service through all HOA managers in Amsterdam. But also in Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam.

The advantage of cleaning through Parel VvE Beheer? When we manage your HOA, we immediately carry out small work. Consider, for example, replacing broken lamps. But also repairing a badly closing front door. And if applicable, the control of the extinguishing agents present. They must of course be in order.