We provide all the services necessary for the professional management of private accommodation and commercial properties. All services around administration and finances, managerial support and maintenance are safe with us. Equally safe with us, for that matter, are the drawing up of your MYMPs (multi-year maintenance plans) and preventing nuisance of holiday hire, such as Airbnb.

Association of Owners (VvE)

You can entrust the administration, financial reporting and maintenance of your AO entirely to us. That means that you don’t have to confront any co-owners about late payments. Even if there’s a burst pipe on a Sunday afternoon, just pick up the phone and we fix it. As an Association of Owners you’re completely covered. We don’t see you as just a number, you’re a name that’s known to us. We also offer you a number of services to allow you to have all your business attended to by a single, one-stop manager. For example, drafting your MYMP and a set of House Rules or by-laws.

Individual lessees

Letting a property? Want to receive your rental income problem-free? That’s possible: Parel Beheer take cares of all that for you. From finding reliable lessees to collecting the rent. But, needless to say, we also attend to the maintenance and service needs of your tenant. It’s Sunday afternoon and the heating won’t work? Just pick up the phone and we’ll come and fix it. You just relax and watch the rent come rolling in!

Expat services

Travel abroad from time to time? Returned to the Netherlands and already bought somewhere to live? We offer an extensive service around the management of your home, such as our leasing service. We find your reliable lessees, if necessary also collecting the rent for you, and will also attend to the service needs of the tenants. While you are away we conduct regular inspections of your (unoccupied) home or supervise during your absence the conversion or renovation of your property.