Drafting House Rules and Regulations

In the House Rules you lay down instructions concerning, for example, the use of the common areas of the housing association, loud music and sound-proofing measures in houses to reduce noise problems.

With a set of House Rules approved by the members, not only are the rules clear, but you can also take action if other occupants don’t obey them. If, for example, it says in the House Rules that no bicycles may be left in the hall, but there they are anyway? You can then discuss the matter with the occupants, and perhaps have the bicycles removed at the cost of the occupant.

Other matters are also provided for in the House Rules, such as prohibiting loud music after 23:00 hrs and rules for the placing of awnings and satellite dishes on the outside of the building. You are also better placed to take action against unwanted use of the building and inconvenience when it is let out as Bed & Breakfast or Airbnb.

Parel Beheer is specialized in the preparation of House Rules, organizing their legal verification and, with the involvement of the occupants, having them adopted by the General Meeting of the members of the AO.