About Parel Beheer

Parel Beheer is experiencing a period of rapid growth. We don’t owe our success and satisfied clients to any arcane corporate philosophy, but to our five certainties:

Certainty 1: we know our clients personally;

Certainty 2: we keep our word. A deal is always a deal;

Certainty 3: we are transparent. No hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises afterwards;

Certainty 4: we can always be contacted in urgent situations, not just 9 to 5;

Certainty 5: we focus on your individual needs: no two clients are the same.

We are not about big contact. We’re more about personal contact, with real concern for the client. Our clients can be found along the small to medium-sized AOs and individual investors. But also, for instance, among shop owners looking to contract out the administration of rental income and the maintenance of the shop.

One contact person. Trusted and familiar